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Monday, July 23, 2007

Vineman Pics

Here are some pictures taken by my sister-in-law Betty at yesterday's Vineman...

Coming out of the water after a 1.2-mile swim in Sonoma's Russian River.

Coming in from the 56-mile ride feeling great about finishing 20 minutes ahead of schedule!

Taking off in the run with my brother Jon running alongside (Jon also finished the last mile with me, running in flip flops the whole time!)

My daughter Shelby finishing the final sprint with me (notice the new Harry Potter book under her right arm!)

At the "photo finish" (professional photographer take your picture in front of the IronMan sign right after you cross the line)

More later...



  1. Congratulations Beef Man!!! Glad to hear you made it under your time which I knew you would. The pics are great and it looks like you and the family are having an awesome time! Looking forward to hearing about your next goal and I'm sure it will include beef as part of your intensive training!!! Red

  2. Great job Daren! You rock!

  3. Congratulations on a job well done Daren!! It must have been the beef to pull you through the end and not the Oreos, haha.


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