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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Leslie here...

and not so eloquent as Daren! He's doing great after his restless morning. He came out of the water by my unofficial Seiko timing in 47 minutes... three minutes ahead of his expected time. He came out of the transition area on his bike strong and with a smile. Will try to get some pictures up, but we're rushing out of the hotel now to try to see him as he passes Aid Station 2 at mile 29 of the ride which should be about 1 hour 55 minutes into the ride portion!

More later! Leslie


  1. It's great to see that Daren is going strong. I admire his dedication and can't wait to see how he does overall. Enjoy your time in the great state of California!

  2. So, I was still asleep when you started the race. Hope all is well and I sent nothing but good thoughts to you last night. Please let us know how it went. Heather


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