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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Tuesday Morning in Castle Rock...

...so it must be a swim day. I've been swimming every Tuesday and Thursday morning at the Castle Rock Rec Center since February (when I'm in town, that is). I leave today for a three day trip to Iowa and then we head to Garden City, KS, for Leslie's family reunion this weekend, so this will be my only swim this week.

[At left: you can see Castle Rock rising in the distance behind the rec center].

The elevation at the Castle Rock Rec Center is 6,300 ft. above sea level. I'm hoping training here is going to help when it somes time to swim in the Russian River at the start of Vineman (elevation 56 feet!).

The 1.2-mile swim course starts at Johnsons Beach in Guerneville and proceeds upstream .6 miles to the turn-around point. That's right, upstream! Apparently the current is not supposed to be too strong in July. They say it should take a 25-minute mile swimmer about one minute longer to make it to the turn-around point. Unfortunately, I'm not a 25-minute mile swimmer. I'm more like a 40-minute mile swimmer! So my goal is to be out of the water in about 50 minutes.

Here's a complete map of the Vineman course (by the way, if you click on any of the pictures they will enlarge to full size). More about the bike and run courses in future posts.

Swim on!



  1. When do you have time to work? :)
    And did you see Heidi on Rabbit Ears? I hear she came a little too close to some bikers in the CCA truck!

  2. Sounds like we both have our challenging jaunts coming up. But you get to go first! I just ordered six pairs of Distance Walker socks from Thorlo and two more pairs of workout shorts (like bike shorts) for the walk.

    You sure are loving ol' Colorado, ain't ya'?

  3. Traci -- I'm just glad Heidi din't actually hit any cyclists! One of my teammates was hit by a car descending Rabbit Ears into Steamboat, ending his Ride the Rockies 92 miles into the 422 mile ride (he's OK, separated shoulder and lots of road rash but recovering well).

  4. Well, your mom is always happy to be encouraging even though I confess that I worry about you -- also a mom's sacred privilege. At the same time, I am so proud of your commitment to health and wellness and to staying fit and trim while enjoying the adventures of running, cycling, and swimming. More power to you!

  5. Mom, the time you needed to worry about me was when I was 270 lbs. and not getting any exercise! Don't worry about Vineman. The river is only 4-6' deep and I'm 6'4" so at worst case I stand up!

  6. I guess it pays to be a tall guy! Love you! Leslie


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