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Friday, July 13, 2007


I went for a short run this morning to test my legs and lungs after my ten-miler on Wednesday. I'm happy to report that everything checked out AOK! In fact, I ran my 3.1 mile course through the Meadows in a personal best time of 26:56 (I've run faster 5Ks, but not at altitude!). That's a pace of 8:41/mile. Not terribly fast, but a big improvement over what I have been running this summer (about 1:00/mile faster!).

[Above: that's me running past Invesco Field (Mile High) in Denver during the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon.]

So, I think I'm ready for the run portion of Vineman -- a 13.1-mile out-and-back course from Windsor (CA) High School to LaCrema Winery in the Russian River Valley (see map at left).
I'm not sure what the elevation profile of the run looks like, but based on the bike, I don't think it will compare to the hills I run around my house in Castle Rock!

We're off to Garden City, KS for the weekend and I will be taking my bike out on one last long ride tomorrow before I begin tapering next week.
Ride on!


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