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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Random Thoughts and Pictures from a Terrible Blogger

I am a terrible blogger. One of the keys to blogging is posting fresh, new content on a regular basis. Fail! I have a tendency to think I have to have a great story to tell before I can sit down and write. I think I just need to post more random thoughts and pictures. Like this one...

I went for my longest ride of the season today...42.31 miles in 2:37 (16.2 mph). I think that's a new record for me on the route I call the Larkspur Loop. It's a beautiful ride along the Front Range of the Rockies with 2,753 feet of elevation gain, according to my Garmin Edge 705. I burned 2,996 calories  (also according to Garmin).

I stopped at Vigil's New Mexican in Larkspur for a bowl of pork green chili (calories unknown and I don't care!). Sat on the patio in the sunshine. Nice spot. Great food. I'll be back!

That's it for my random thoughts and pictures.

Ride on!