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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ride the Rockies 2008 Preview - Day 4: Montrose to Crested Butte

I think day four will be the toughest day on Ride the Rockies 2008. Not only is it the longest day on the ride (92 miles), but we also have a net elevation gain of 3,102 ft. (from 5806 to 8908 ft. above sea level). Add to that the fact that we start with two STEEP climbs and end with a 30+ mile steady ascent. This is on top of the 191 miles we will have peddaled in the previous 3 days. Brutal. In fact, I'm tired just thinking about it. So I'm going to bed!

The silver lining to this cloudy day is that we get a day off in Crested Butte to recover and rest up for the climb over Cottonwood Pass (elev. 12,126 ft.) on day six.

Ride on...


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