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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Accident Saga Update

For those of you following my bike accident saga, I have a quick update. I recently met with my lawyer, Brad Tucker, and discussed my options. Basically, Allied/Nationwide Insurance has failed to accept liability even after the eyewitness account and forensic engineer's accident reconstruction report clearly indicate that their insured was 100% at fault. Not only have they failed to accept liability, they have failed to even give us the courtesy of responding to numerous letters from Brad. So, we were left with no option but to file suit against the driver.

Well, today I received a copy of a letter Brad sent to a woman who has apparently "taken over the file" from the former adjuster (not sure if she still works there, quit or was fired for incompetence, but in any event she is no longer in charge of my file). It seems the new adjuster has wisely asked for time to review the file before we file suit. As Brad said in his letter...

As we discussed, I am willing to wait a week in order to allow you an opportunity to review this file. If you will accept liability for purposes of our settlement negotiations, I will not file the lawsuit, but instead, work with you in an effort to reach a fair settlement of Daren’s claims.
If not, we will proceed with the lawsuit. Or, as Brad said more eloquently...
On the other hand, if you intend to maintain the liability denial, or if I do not hear from you, I will proceed with a lawsuit against your insured.
Hopefully cooler (wiser) heads will prevail and we can avoid a lawsuit. Stay tuned...


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  1. It's too bad you have to deal with an insurance company like Nationwide...to remain competitive in the marketplace, they slashed millions and millions from their insurance services operations (claims and underwriters).

    Classic case of you pay for what you get. Not all insurance is created equally...

    For you, though, hopefully this new person on the file will stop the stall tactics companies like Nationwide employ...hoping you give up or for some other reason stop moving forward.



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