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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ride the Rockies 2014 Route

Imagine riding your bike from sea level to the summit of K2, the second-highest mountain on Earth. That's the equivalent of the total elevation gain for Ride the Rockies 2014, as unveiled tonight at the RTR14 route announcement party. Here are the ominous numbers: 6 days, 473 miles, 28,265' elevation gain, 6 mountain passes, 2 historic bridges and 3 mountains!

The summit of K2 sits at 28,251 ft. above sea level, 14 feet less than the total elevation gain of Ride the Rockies 2014!
Here is the 2014 route (June 8-14):

Day One: Boulder to Winter Park -- 89 miles and 8,857' elev. gain in the first day including Boulder Canyon, Central City, Blackhawk, Peak to Peak Highway and Berthoud Pass (11,315 ft.). This is the first time for Winter Park to serve as a host community!

Ride the Rockies Director Chandler Smith kicks off the route announcement party.
Day Two: Winter Park to Steamboat Springs -- at 94 miles this is the longest day of the ride (following a brutal first day). Starting in Winter Park, riders will climb Muddy (8,772 ft.) and Rabbit Ears (9,426 ft.) passes and finish in Steamboat Springs.

I met the Solar Roast Coffee food truck team at the party and hope to see them on the ride! Coffee is an essential on Ride the Rockies :)
Day Three: Steamboat to Steamboat -- A short 53-mile loop starting and ending in Steamboat Springs. I love this. Steamboat is a great place to hang out for two days and soak in the hot springs.

Day Four: Steamboat Springs to Avon -- 82 miles crossing the Stage Bridge ending in Avon, whose representative promised the "best night ever" on Ride the Rockies!

Odell Brewing Co. is once again the official beer of Ride the Rockies! Beer is another essential on the ride. Liquid carbs!
Day Five: Avon to Breckenridge -- 75 miles featuring Battle Mountain (9,231 ft.), Tennessee Pass 10,424 ft.), Fremont Pass (11,318), and Redcliffe Bridge. The mayor of Breckenridge said they are lifting a 25-year camping ban just to host the ride :)

Day Six: Breckenridge to Golden -- A tough 80-mile final day with 5,000 ft. of elevation gain. Cyclists will ride over Swan Mountain (9,520 ft.), Loveland Pass (11,992) and over Lookout Mountain (7,374) before dropping into Golden and finishing under the historic Golden Arch. 
The famous Golden Arch (not to be confused with the golden arches :)
This is five really tough days of riding with one short/rest day. What I love about the route is that I have never ridden a single day of this ride. I've ridden bits and pieces but never the entire day. That's unusual after completing seven Ride the Rockies!And now it's time to register and wait to see if we get in. That's the bummer. There's only 2,000 slots and more than 3,000 riders apply :(
But I'm seven for seven in applying and getting in. :)

Ride on!



  1. Glad to see you are already working on the 2014 Ride the Rockies! Did I miss the dates?

  2. June 7-14. Thanks for point out the oversight. It has been corrected :)


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