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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ride the Rockies 2013 Recap: Riding into History

The Ride the Rockies 2014 Route Announcement Party is Saturday, February 8, from 6-10 p.m. The route announcement will begin at 8:00 (mountain time).
At long last I sit down to close out my recap of Ride the Rockies 2013. A series of signs this week reminded me that I need to close out this journey and get ready to begin another one. First, the email announcing the Ride the Rockies Announcement Party arrived. I am planning to attend the party again this year and tweet out the route as it is announced. So if you want an advance look at the route follow me on Twitter (@REAL_BEEFMAN)!

Paul the Pilot captains overseas flights and Team Bar2Bar!
Then yesterday I was flying from Washington Dulles to Denver and bumped into my Team Bar2Bar buddy Paul "the Pilot" Mattson coming home from an overseas flight. Yes, Paul really is a United Airlines pilot, as well as the pilot of the tandem he has ridden with both his daughter, Lea, and his son, Till (last year they all rode solo). Making friends like the Mattson's is one of my favorite parts of RTR.
PTP is always recruiting new members for Team Bar2Bar

So, I am psyched up and ready to start training in earnest for RTR 2014! But back to the final day of RTR 2013. At 47 miles the final day from Canon City to Colorado Springs was the shortest of the week. But it also pushed us to 545 total miles making RTR 2014 the longest in history.

I enjoyed riding the final 47 miles with RTR friends Hankster (above right) with his dog Stimpy in the right saddlebag) and Jillian (above left) the massage therapist (a good friend to have on RTR!). Also spent some time riding the final miles with Woody (below left) who always wears a Hawaiian shirt to ride, and Tegan (below center), who always rides in a dress. Hope to see them all back for RTR 2014!

My wife, Leslie, and Angell cousins from the Springs were waiting for me at the finish line at Cheyenne Mountain Resort. Nice to have family who appreciate and support my cycling habit!

Crossing the finish line is always a bittersweet moment. So much joy and feeling of accomplishment and yet a little sad that the adventure is over. But now the anticipation for RTR 2014 begins.

Ride on!


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