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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ride the Rockies Update: Ready to Rock!

Well, June 9 has arrived. Notice I didn't say "finally." In fact I'm shocked its already here. When I registered for Ride the Rockies back in January it was on the distant horizon. Even by March when I found out I made it in the lottery, summer seemed far off and there were many miles to ride before this day would come.

On March 3rd I set a goal to ride 1,500 miles before June 9. At the time it seemed like a reasonable goal, just a little over 100 miles per week over 14 weeks. But a slow start in March and April left me playing catch up in May. Fortunately good weather and a two-week break in my travel schedule allowed me to rack up 637 miles in May.

After this past Sunday's Elephant Rock century ride I stood at 1,394 miles going into the final week before the big ride. So did I reach my goal?
No. Between business travel and crazy Colorado weather I was only able to get in one 10-mile ride on my indoor trainer this week. So my training total since March 3 is 1,404 miles in 51 rides totaling 86.3 hours in the saddle and burning 100,244 calories!
Team BEEF rocked the Elephant Rock Century!
The important thing is I feel like I am ready. I felt great during Elephant Rock, averaging 17 miles per hour with the help of fellow Team BEEF members Troy and Dale. My legs felt great, even after a four-hour flight on Monday. Setting the goal served its purpose, motivating me to push my training to the next level, especially over the past month. I am now ready to rock.
So now it's time to finish packing and head to Colorado Springs, where I will meet up with Woody, a fellow team Bar2Bar member, to drive down to Gunnison for the start of the ride tomorrow. I look forward to meeting up with some old friends, making some new ones and enjoying the beqautiful scenery of the Colorado Rockies!
Stay tuned to BEEFMAN for updates and pictures throughout the week...
Ride on!


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