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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ride the Rockies - See you in June!

I must have checked my personal e-mail half a dozen times yesterday hoping to find an e-mail from Ride the Rockies. I checked it first thing when I woke up in my hotel room in Lincoln, before and after I worked out, before I left for the airport, after I landed back in Denver, and again as soon as I got home, which is when I finally saw the e-mail from "rtr" with the subject line "Ride the Rockies - See you in June."

After waiting for Comcast's new "SmartZone Communications" e-mail application to open (it is soooo sloooow), the first thing I saw was, "Congratulations! Your application for the 2009 Denver Post Ride The Rockies has been selected." That's all I needed to see. We're in!

I'm excited about the group riding as Team DFL this year -- Kris (our fearless/earless leader), Patty, Karen, Kent, Nitin, Chris, me and Hank, a friend we made on previous year's rides. I found out after my last post that Big Dave is out. Bummer.

This will be my fifth Ride the Rockies and I'm hoping to make it my best. I've already put in over 300 miles on my CycleOps Fluid2 trainer and several outdoor rides. At this time last year I had zero miles in the saddle. I didn't even have a bike to ride! My bent and broken Cannondale sat in the garage collecting dust and I did my best to stay in shape waiting for surgery to receive my bionic collarbone. I finally got on my bike on the trainer on March 30 last year. By that time this year I hope to have well over 500 miles under my belt!

It's a cold but sunny blue sky day here in Castle Rock so I'm headed on for a ride in a few minutes. As I climb over Wolfensberger Road I'll be thinking about climbing Independence Pass this June. As I drop into the valley towards Hwy 105, I'll be envisioning screaming down the pass into Aspen for the final night of the ride. It's gonna be sweet!

Ride on!



  1. Thanks Team DFL for the vine. I'm pumped!

  2. We're back! Hey Darren and Team DFL - the Beavers (Dennis and Lea Anne) will be on the ride again this year! After Dennis making me take a year off because of my torn ACL (it's still torn, but riding the bike isn't a problem), we got accepted again this year. We'll look for you at check-in! We're letting the Sherpa set up a tent for us this year, and Dennis will have a Solar powered cell phone charging station. See ya there!

  3. Hey LeaAnne! Glad you and Dennis made it in. Are you planning to do Elephant Rock? I'm planning a BBQ at my house in Castle Rock after the ride.


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