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Thursday, May 1, 2008

A New Toy!

My 44th birthday came two weeks early today when I received my new Garmin Edge 705 in the mail. Everybody knows guys like their toys...and I've gotten some great toys for my birthday through the years -- Tinkertoys, slot cars, Atari -- but I think this one may be my favorite yet. It's the ultimate bike computer: GPS-enabled with street maps, turn-by-turn directions, wireless cadence and heart rate monitor and a color display! I'm going to be the envy of many a rider on Ride the Rockies this June.

I also got a new Garmin Louis Garneau cycling jersey to wear as I train for RTR. So, you may be wondering why I'm such a big Garmin fan. Well, it doesn't hurt that they are based in my former hometown of Olathe, Kansas. Or that my buddy Ted works there. But the main reason I'm such a big fan is because I love the Edge, Forerunner and Nuvi!

My Edge 305 has ridden thousands of miles with me on my bike, including two Ride the Rockies, Ride MO for the Cure (a four-day, 400 mile ride across Missouri with my buddy Chris to raise money for breast cancer research) and many training rides in Kansas and Colorado.

My Forerunner 305 completed the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon, Chicago Half Marathon and Vineman Ironman 70.3 triathlon (including the swim!) with me last summer (as well as all the training runs around The Rock).

My Nuvi 360 leads me to meetings, restaurants and nightclubs all across the country during my travels to promote beef as part of a healthy lifestyle.

But this is about my new Edge 705. I can't wait to get out on the open road and try out the mapping features. Unfortuntely, it snowed here yesterday (on May Day!) so I"ve only been able to use it while riding in place on my CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer. Pretty anti-climactic. But at least it has a wireless heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor so I can keep my indoor rides interesting and productive.

More on that later...



  1. Happy early birthday to you!

    Any other birthday wishes?


  2. So -- who was this sensational birthday gift from -- your friend at Garmin? Leslie? Yourself?

    It sounds great.

    Dad left for Philly this morning for an afternoon Ukrainian event there. He is getting acquainted with the Garmin we bought him for his birthday -- finally! :>)


  3. You (and Jon) get the Atari for Christmas, I was there.


  4. Dadgumit, Kevin, I was hoping nobody else would remember that we got the Atari for Christmas. Should have known you would! Jon wouldn't, for sure. Ev and Denise were too young. Maybe Wiley would.

    I remember having it hooked up to the TV in grandma's room, on the side of her bed by the windows/wall. Is my memory correct?

    BTW, how do you have such a steel trap mind after running over your own head with a car??


  5. What is a Atari?

  6. YAY to Garmin! I love to read your blog. I am an editor for the Angus Journal and love to see your passion for the beef industry. I am also the wife of a Garmin employee, so I definitely love to see you helping keep him employed! :)

    Happy Birthday to you!

  7. What is an Atari? Whoever you are, you must be a lot younger than me! Atari was one of the first video gaming units -- pre-Wii, XBOX, Nintendo, etc. Very rudimentary graphics, but cutting edge at the time!


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